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Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education (PPME)

It is common for trainee doctors to notice, at some stage in their training, that either personal or professional demands have an unhelpful impact on their performance. Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education is committed to providing free professional support for trainee grade doctors in a variety of ways. In addition to the support the Trust you work for provides, and your Clinical Tutor, there is a freely available, confidential* psychological support within reach of your workplace.

The Service:

Any trainee grade doctor in the area covered by Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education can contact the service at any time to arrange support for any work or personal issue that is bothering them. There are a few ways to get in touch – email, text or phone or fill out the online submission form. The co-ordinator will refer you to a suitable practitioner within the locality of your choice (usually near work or home place). You will usually be seen very quickly but definitely within two weeks of us receiving your referral. You will have access to six funded sessions.

Landline: 01823 271428
Mobile: 07918 170528
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Making Contact:

Ring, text, email or fill in the online submission form below and the co-coordinator will be in contact asap. A limited number of staff deal with your enquiry to ensure maximum confidentiality.

*Please note that for audit purposes and owing to financial probity our arrangements with Hammet Street Consultants Ltd have been amended. Hammet Street Consultants Ltd will now provide the name of any trainee that accesses and uses the self-referral counselling service. Your name will only be shared with the Head of Operations - who approves payment for the counselling service - and those processing the invoice. In line with our information governance policy your details will only be kept for invoice purposes and will be stored in electronic form and paper form. Access to such information is limited to the Head of Operations and those managing the financial processing of the invoices. Please be reassured that your reasons for accessing the service will continue to be confidential and between you and the counselling service and will NOT be shared with anyone unless you wish. If you wish to speak with anyone in respect of this change to access to our counselling provider please contact: Giovanna Edwards, Head of Operations tel: 01752 676100

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